5 Tips for Staying Healthy in the Sun

5 Tips for Staying Healthy in the Sun

Now that Memorial Day Weekend has passed, it is officially summer! Everything is more fun when it’s nice out. With that being said, it’s incredibly important to make sure that we all stay healthy when spending a lot of time in the sun. Here are five of my favorite tips:

1) Hydrate

When you spend a lot of time outside your body gets dehydrated. There is nothing as refreshing as some cold water on a hot day. Make sure to drink plenty of water this summer!

2) Wear sunglasses

Protecting your eyes is essential. Too much-unprotected exposure to the sun can lead to eye damage. I’d suggest keeping a pair of sunglasses in your bag or car so that you always have a pair on you.

3) Avoid the hours from 11am-3pm

The sun is strongest during the middle of the day. Not only does that mean that it’s hotter out, but also that the sun’s rays are the most powerful. As much as possible, try to avoid being outside during the heat of the day.  

4) Stay in the shade

You can still enjoy the beautiful weather and spend a good amount of time outside while being in the shade. Whether it’s from an umbrella or a tree there is almost always some shade outside. Staying in the shade is a great strategy to say safe when you’re outside, especially for an extended period of time.

5) Know Yourself

Ultimately, like everything, the most important way to stay healthy is to know yourself. If you have very fair skin, then it is even more important to actively stay safe when you are outside. The most obvious adverse effect of spending too much time in the sun and not protecting yourself is sunburn. Sunburns are very uncomfortable and painful.

Which of these five tips is your favorite? Do you do any of them already? If so, which one(s), and, if not, which are you going to try next time you’re out in the sun?

Stay healthy, stay happy, and let’s all enjoy summer!

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