5 Tips To Beat the Heat This Independence Day

5 Tips To Beat the Heat This Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July! If Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, the Fourth is the start of the dog days of summer. I took a look at the forecast and it looks like it will be nearly ninety degrees more days than not this month.  With that being said, here are my five tips to beat the heat this summer.

1) Drink Water

How much water do you drink on your typical day? The answer? You probably aren’t sure around how much water you drink and it most likely isn’t enough. Adults are supposed to drink 64 ounces, or about two liters, everyday. One tip that I’ve found very helpful in my life is to carry around a reusable water bottle with me everywhere I go. Also, an added bonus, I’ve noticed that I drink more water if the bottle is clear and I can see the water constantly. It’s a subtle hint to drink more water!

2) Stay in the Shade

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time outdoors, say in your backyard or at the beach, it’s really, really important to make sure you have some protection from the sun. If you’re in your backyard, I would suggest creating some sort of overhang to block the sun and create shade. When it comes to going to the beach, or the park, consider an umbrella or one of those chairs that has an attachment to block the sun. 

3) Wear Sun Glasses

It can be so easy to forget about our eyes. They are so important to everything that we do, so it’s incredibly important to protect them. Damage from UV light builds up over a lifetime. Make sure to get a pair of sunglasses that, in addition to looking good, block UV light. 

4) Check the Time of Day

All hours of the day are not made equally. While it does depend on where exactly you are, the sun is strongest between the hours of ten to eleven in the morning and two to three in the afternoon. That’s also typically when it’s the hottest outside. Try to stay out of the sun as much as possible in the heat of the day. 

5) Celebrate Your Independence 

We can’t take complete and proper care of our bodies without looking after our mental health. This Independence Day, make some time to reflect on all of the things that you have in your life to be grateful for. Writing down a gratitude list will have a positive impact on your mood, which will impact you all day long!

What are you doing to beat the heat and enjoy the Fourth?

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