7 Hacks to be Thankful

7 Hacks to be Thankful

Think about a time when someone you don’t know did something nice for you. How did that make you feel? There are numerous different ways that you can do a random act of kindness. Here are seven of my favorites:

Giving a Compliment

While it is really simple, takes almost no time, and costs you nothing, it can make someone’s day.

Write a Thank You note

Think about all of the people that help you in your day. Writing a short note that says why you’re thankful for them can mean a lot. 

Leaving a big tip

I travel a lot for work, so I often eat at restaurants. I enjoy talking with the staff and getting to know them. Sometimes when we have a nice conversation or the service is amazing, I’ll leave an extra big tip.

Asking Questions

Taking just a couple minutes to talk with someone about their day can definitely have an impact. Everyone enjoys talking about themselves, asking questions lets them share something that they are excited about. It also gives you an opportunity to get to know them at a deeper level.

“Do you want me to get you one?”

If you’re running out of the office to grab a snack or some coffee, offering to get something for a colleague can be very helpful and cheer them up!

Helping The Elderly

Whether it is helping someone cross the street or carrying their groceries to the car, there are so many ways to help out the elderly.

Paying for the person before you

Every now and then when I’m out running errands I’ll offer to pay for the person in front of me. For example, I was at the supermarket and a mother was with her young child getting a couple of times, I offered to pay for their goods and she was really appreciative. It feels amazing to make someone else, especially someone you don’t know, smile.

Ultimately, this comes down to putting good into the world. I do my best to be a positive and loving person and being thankful is an important aspect of that.

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