Learn how to Achieve Health & Healing with Your Doctor... as a Team

Dr. Ken Redcross wants to bring the happiness back to health care

Why would you want to trust your life to someone with whom you don’t have a personal relationship?

How strong of a bond do you have with your primary doctor?

Have you ever wanted to ask your doctor a question but didn’t because you felt uncomfortable?

Bond by Dr. Ken Redcross

THE PATIENT-DOCTOR BOND IS ON FAULTY GROUND, and healthcare happiness is elusive. According to Dr. Ken Redcross, it doesn’t have to be this way. He believes that when patients and doctors establish essential qualities in their relationship, a strong patient-doctor bond will result. Isn’t that what you want as a patient—a trusting, respectful, communicative, and empathetic bond with your doctor? It’s what virtually any patient wants, and as Dr. Ken assures you, it’s what most doctors want, too.

In Bond, Dr. Ken presents the four cornerstones of an unshakeable patient-doctor relationship, offering key insight and advice to help you—and your doctor—get on the same page. No relationship can survive for very long without trust, healthy communication, mutual respect, and a willingness to empathize. This book shows you how these four qualities play out at the doctor’s office and how you can implement and strengthen them—on both sides of the stethoscope.

With special doctor-to-doctor features, Dr. Ken invites colleagues to try out what works for him. He also offers personal anecdotes about how he makes every effort to practice what he preaches. Following a quick doctor-patient relationship assessment, Bond closes out with a “one-on-one conversation” with Dr. Ken. Here he shares some of his thoughts surrounding common patient questions to help you broach similar topics with your own doctor.

With Bond, you will learn that it is possible to bring happiness, and even love, back to your patient-doctor relationship.

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