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2 tablespoons organic coconut oil
2 cloves organic minced garlic
1 teaspoon organic onion powder
7 cups of organic, chopped butternut squash ( 2 inch pieces work well)
1 teaspoon organic turmeric powder
2 1/2 cups of bone broth or vegetable broth
1 can or 13-14 ounces of full fat, organic coconut milk ( Native Forest brand is great)
2 teaspoons sea salt, or to taste
Fresh cracked black pepper, for garnish
Raw or toasted, organic pumpkin seeds, to garnish


In a large pot, over medium heat, add oil & garlic. Sauté and stir for 2 minutes. Next, add the squash, salt, turmeric, onion powder and half cup of broth. Stir, cover and cook for 5 minutes. Add remaining 2 cups of broth & coconut milk, stir to incorporate all ingredients.

Bring to a low boil, on medium heat, for 15 minutes or until squash is fork tender.

If you are using an immersion hand blender, you can purée everything until smooth right in the pot. If you are using a blender, transfer everything from the pot into the blender, and purée on high until smooth and transfer it back to the pot once done.
Feel free to adjust the seasoning or salt, as needed. Serve and top with cracked pepper & pumpkin seeds.

Makes 4 servings

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