Choosing natural remedies for pain relief

Choosing natural remedies for pain relief

Doctors like Dr. Ken Redcross are trying to avoid pulling out the prescription pad.

“Because I think there’s a lot of ways that we can actually get help in healing without taking a pill,” he explained.

The nationally known internist prescribes natural options when he can.

“They are not necessarily FDA approved but they are FDA regulated.”

When it comes to minimizing muscle pain, daily consumption of a small amount of turmeric.

“It’s a natural anti-inflammatory. It’s been used once again for thousand of years.”

To treat the pain, he suggests a gel with arnica montana, a plant in the daisy family.

“It’s been around for several hundred of years. It doesn’t just help for pain but it also helps for bruising and swelling.”

Tammy Tefft’s doctor recommended it to her after undergoing a vein procedure.

“This whole entire area was purple,” as she points to her leg.

Now – it’s her choice of medication for neck pain.

She demonstrates, “What I do is rub it on my neck and I’m actually able to move my neck from side to side once it works itself in and it starts feeling better.”

For joint pain relief, Dr. Ken Redcross says, “Glucosamine in itself helps with the cartilage in our joints, so that’s something we can implement, once again we are staying closer to the earth, that’s nice and natural.”

Something else to consider.

He adds, “Low weight bearing exercise is great as far as building up the joints as well. But exercise has another benefit. You get weight loss and if you lose one pound of weight, it usually equates to four pounds on the joints.”

Think about oils like lavender and peppermint for tension headaches.

“Now when you’re getting a headache,” says Dr. Ken Redcross, “for instance with peppermint oil, it’s important to rub them on the temples and the back of your neck and it works. You actually feel better.”

Earthy solutions, appealing to more patients like Tammy.

She says, “I always prefer to look at the alternative option before I have to go to the prescription pad type medication.”

Dr. Ken Redcross advices to consult with your primary care physician — about using the more natural remedies.

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