Do You Trust Your Doctor?

Do You Trust Your Doctor?

Trust is an essential aspect of any and all relationships. That’s a fact. It is even more imperative to have a strong bond of trust with your doctor as health is one of, if not the most, important factors in enjoying all that life offers. However, developing trust with your doctor is much easier said than done.  

How do we define trust?

“Trust” is one of those words that gets thrown around on a daily basis, but the actual definition can feel unclear. Trust is defined as having confidence or faith in someone. Obviously, this is a broad definition and can be applied to numerous situations, but it is very important to understand the components of trust so that you can understand how to build a strong and trusted bond with your doctor.

Trust plays an essential role in the doctor-patient relationship.

Two foolproof ways to develop trust

1) Ask questions

The key to medicine is the back-and-forth sharing of information. Have you ever been to the doctor, and then when you were trying to explain what was discussed during your visit to your family, you couldn’t explain it? All too often many people leave the doctor’s office unable to understand what their doctor was saying. While there is a different type of expertise and language that doctor’s use, you are the expert on your body and have the right to express your confusion when things don’t make sense to you. When you ask questions, the doctor will happily answer them and will be confident and more comfortable knowing that you understand the issue.

2) Be open and honest

There is no sharing without trust, and sharing is crucial. Maybe you are interested in a different approach to treatment or an alternative medicine rather than what your doctor is suggesting, you need to feel comfortable expressing your concern and desire to learn more about all of the options. I understand that it might feel uncomfortable at first, but this will help your doctor provide the best care for you that they can. And that’s what we, as doctors, want to do!  

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