Do’s and Dont’s with Weekend Workouts with Dr. Ken Redcross

Do’s and Dont’s with Weekend Workouts with Dr. Ken Redcross

About one in three Americans get the Center for Disease Control & Prevention’s (CDC) recommended amount of exercise each week. It can be tough to fit in fitness with all of the demands of daily life.

What if you’re a weekend warrior because you can’t keep a daily fitness schedule?

You can get the same mortality benefits from two days of fitness per week. But, you need to follow some guidelines to prevent injuries caused by intense workouts.

Stretch and warm up properly.
Cool down by slowing down with the same exercise you were doing.
Find a way to deal with muscle aches, like with an arnica montana gel or cream.
Eat restorative foods. Blueberries, boiled eggs and salmon are great for restoring your body.

Have intense back-to-back workouts both days.
Obsess with one activity.
Push yourself too far because of your ego.
If you choose to walk for exercise, make sure you walk briskly enough that you can’t talk while you’re moving.

Be sure to find something you love to keep you engaged with fitness.

Listen as Dr. Ken Redcross joins Melanie Cole, MS, to share how to avoid injuries as a weekend warrior.

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