Five Hacks to Staying Healthy While Being a Frequent Flyer

Five Hacks to Staying Healthy While Being a Frequent Flyer

I’ve been traveling quite a bit recently and noticed a lot of people sneezing and coughing. Planes are known to trap germs and traveling can be extremely draining on the body. It’s very important that we stay healthy when traveling. It’s so frustrating to be traveling for an important meeting or for a vacation only to get to your destination and not feel well. Here are five of the most common issues I’ve seen people have when they are flying and five healthy and natural solutions. There’s also one bonus tip at the bottom!   


Problem: Muscle Aches

Solution: Whether it’s from sleeping in an uncomfortable position or dragging your luggage across the airport, muscle aches are a very common side-effect of travel. Use Arnicare to fight it. Arnicare is a homeopathic cream or jell that helps with pain relief, reduces swelling and bruises and is odor free,


Problem: Irregular Digestion

Solution: Nervousness about travel, airport food, and airplane snacks can all cause an upset stomach. Take Digestive Enzyme Supplements to help by reducing stomach discomfort and improves digestion.


Problem: Allergies

Solution: Allergies can flare when you are traveling to a new place. By using a Nasal Saline Rinse twice before your flight, you can make sure that you aren’t congested.


Problem: Irritated Skin

Solution: Acne or Dry Skin are very common results from traveling. Make sure to carry some

Facial Wipes to reduce skin irritation and they can be used to clean your seat or tray table to help prevent acne.


Problem: Blood Clots

Solution: Blood clots are probably one of the biggest fears that people have when flying. While wearing compression socks might not always be the best fashion decision, you really should wear them because they reduce swelling and drastically decrease your chance of having a blood clot.


Bonus: Stay Hydrated!

Traveling can be painfully hectic and airplanes are very dry, so it is really easy to forget to drink enough water. Whenever you’re offered a beverage during a flight, I recommend that you get a glass of water. You can also bring a refillable water with you so that you always have water and can avoid paying five dollars for a bottle of water!


Have you done any of these before? Which are you going to try during your next flight? What are your hacks to stay healthy while traveling?



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