Five Simple Ways to Move More Every Day

Five Simple Ways to Move More Every Day

Last week I read a slightly worrisome article that stated that Americans are moving less and less. The article shared two studies that showed that Americans are struggling to make movement part of their routine. Movement is one of the three pillars that I believe are essential to happiness, along with nutrition and spirituality. Last week’s blog article, Three Takeaways from my Trip to Les Monastere Des Augustines, focussed on spirituality. This week I am going to share five tips to make movement part of your daily routine.

Take a slightly longer route

We all know the exact shortest route on our commute. We’ve perfected our morning routine so that we can walk as little as possible and get there quickly. One really easy way to add just a little bit of movement each day is to take a less direct route. For example, if you are taking the subway, instead of taking the entrance that’s closest to you, walk a couple of blocks further to the other entrance.  

Hold a Standing-Only Meeting

Sitting at a desk all day has been proven to be very unhealthy. One nice way to change the pace of the day is to hold standing-only meetings. I wouldn’t do this for a really important or long meeting, but if you’re having a short check-in, standing meetings can be a great way to get the blood flowing while you’re at work.

Take the Stairs

Stairs are everywhere, from the house to the office, yet we rarely take them when given an option. People will almost always opt for the elevator, even for a short trip that’s just a couple of flights. Instead, taking the stairs will drastically improve your health. According to StepJockey, a workplace wellness company, “seven minutes stair climbing a day can halve the risk of heart attack over 10 years.” It takes effort and is slower, but can really be beneficial.

Stretch Before or After Lunch

Stretching is not only great for your flexibility, but also for your balance and strength. One of the keys with stretching, as with all exercise, is consistency. Stretching for just five to ten minutes a day will be incredibly helpful. I suggest stretching before or after lunch because that is a time where you can easily make five to ten minutes for yourself. Stretching will be a great break in your day.

Take a Walk Around the Block

Another great way to take a break is to take a walk around the block. The combination of fresh air and walking will get your blood flowing and have you feeling refreshed. I really like to take a nice walk when I am starting to get restless or feeling fatigued in the late afternoon. It’s a really nice way to reset your mind and take a break.

These are just five simple ways to add some movement to your daily routine. Do you do any of these five already? What is your favorite way to make sure you are moving enough every day?

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