How to Have a Healthy Thanksgiving

How to Have a Healthy Thanksgiving

Time really is flying by and we’re only a little over a week away from Thanksgiving! Personally, it is one of my favorite holidays as it is a wonderful day with family and gives everyone a chance to take some time to think about what we are thankful for. However, as a medical professional, it is one of, if not the holiday, that is most connected with overeating. Below I share five tips to make sure that you have a healthy Thanksgiving!


  1. Have Breakfast

It’s very natural to want to skip breakfast to “save space” for the big meal. However, this is actually very unhealthy, remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Skipping breakfast can actually lead to binge eating during the meal.


  1. Use Your Plate As a Guide

You can use your plate to approximate portion sizes. Ideally, your plate will be filled with half vegetables, one-quarter meat, and the final quarter with starches. One of the best and most nutritious parts of Thanksgiving is that Turkey is a very healthy meat.


  1. Eat Slowly

Regardless of how good the food is, it is so important to put your fork down! Not only will eating slowly give you the time to speak and enjoy the conversation with your loved ones, but also eating slowly gives your body time to assess how full you really are. A third bonus is that it allows you to enjoy all of the delicious flavors!


  1. Hydrate

Making sure to hydrate throughout every day is essential, but it’s even more important when you have numerous delicious food in front of you. If you are dehydrated, you may easily confuse that feeling for being hungry.


  1. Go For A Walk

Spending some time outdoors is a great way to help digest after the meal. It can also be a great way to have a really nice conversation with a loved one! Exercising before or after the meal is a really good way to make sure that you won’t want to overeat.


What are you most looking forward to with Thanksgiving? How are you going to stay healthy?


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