How Well Do You and Your Doctor Communicate?

How Well Do You and Your Doctor Communicate?

Who do you communicate well with? I’m guessing the first people you thought about was your significant other and closest friends. That makes sense, right? It’s the people you spend the most amount of time with. You really get to know each other and thus feel comfortable sharing your personal information.

What about someone that you only see a couple times a year? I’m thinking about relatives that you see during the holidays, but don’t really talk to that much outside of that. What’s your communication like? Is it generally the same small talk about the family, work, and food? How well are you really communicating with them?

Most people only see their doctor a couple times throughout the year, however, communicating with your doctor is so incredibly important. It has to be more than a routine conversation of just answering questions and checking boxes. I can’t understate how important it is to communicate well with your doctor. Communication was one of the four cornerstones in my book, Bond.

Communication is at the core of human interaction

We are never able to completely know what someone else is thinking or saying. That is why communication, and communicating well, is so essential. Think again about your closest friends. Sometimes it feels like you know what they are thinking without them saying it. How did it get to that point? By learning about each other through healthy communication.

Developing healthy communication habits take practice, effort, and willingness

It isn’t easy to communicate well with everyone! It really takes an honest effort to develop healthy communication habits. It can be especially hard when you’re going to the doctor’s office, I know, whenever I’m not feeling well I tend to be at least a little cranky. You have to understand that your doctor is just trying to help you feel better.

No relationship can be sustained without open and honest communication on both sides

Obviously, you are the patient and your doctor is the doctor, but that doesn’t mean that the doctor should dictate the entire conversation. Get to know each other on a more personal level. The next time you go to the doctor, ask them a couple questions about their life outside of work.

By communicating well with your doctor, you will be able to build a stronger patient-doctor bond. Ultimately, a stronger patient-doctor bond will lead to better, more individualized care, and a healthier you!

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