Let Natural Food Be Your Medicine

Let Natural Food Be Your Medicine

Hippocrates, the Greek physician, is considered to be the founder of western medicine. I came across this quote of his and it really resonated with me, “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” Last week I attended a great nutraceutical conference in London and we discussed so many different foods that have great health benefits. For this week’s blog article I am going to share three of my favorite medicinal foods: ginger, honey, and raw nuts. 

1) Ginger

It doesn’t really matter if ginger is fresh, dried, or powdered it still is great for you. Ginger is a digestive aid and reduces inflammation. There are a handful of different ways that I regularly consume ginger such as: fresh ginger in a smoothie, fresh or dried in a salad or salad dressing, and fresh or dried ginger as a seasoning with chicken or fish. 

2) Honey

Honey is a great alternative to sugar. For many people, it can be very hard to avoid eating too much sugar as it’s in many sweet foods and beverages. Too much sugar can lead to weight gain, blood sugar problems, and increase the risk of heart disease. On the other hand, honey boosts immunity and increases energy levels. I always put honey, not sugar, in my tea. 

3) Raw nuts

Raw nuts are an amazing snack. They are full of nutrients, antioxidants, and help promote a healthy cardiovascular system. I love to have a handful of raw nuts right after I workout. Some of my favorite and healthiest types of nuts are almonds, cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts, and peanuts. I love to keep a bag of a mix of these raw nuts in my bag so I know that I have a healthy snack available at any time. 

These are just three of my favorite types of food that act as medicine. What are your thoughts? Do you have any favorite recipes with these ingredients or other natural and healthy foods? Let me know!

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