Movement is just as important as nutrition and does not mean the same to everyone. Movement can be as simple as walking, Tai Chi, yoga, or being a crossfit trainer. Our bodies need it in order to build energy, to sustain life. It’s not just important for our brain and heart but overall for our mood, happiness. My goal is for people to leave happier than when they got there. Happiness has to do with getting the endorphins in the body and a sense of well being. After putting a work out in and having movement it is very hard to be down and to not be in a good mood and it is because of the endorphins. This ties back to our ancestors and not only eating whole foods but moving to find their prey. When you focus on the nutrition and movement your body starts to heal in a different way. When you combine those two with your spirituality your focus begins to change in your life. There are some diseases that are chronic and we know that western medicine can work but even with western medicine in there it is still great to mold all three of these pillars together to make things even easier and to have better outcomes.

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