Dr. Ken Redcross is always there for me when I need him.

 Phylicia Rashad
Actress, The Cosby Show


I feel fortunate to have Dr. Ken Redcross as my physician, and I wish there were more doctors like him. His genuine concern for the well-being of his patients is why I chose him to take charge of my health and that of my family.

Judge Greg Mathis
The Judge Greg Mathis Show


There’s a new way in caring and Dr. Ken Redcross is it. From a natural, spiritual approach, right down to getting it done. Our generation needed this breakthrough in caring. I feel better just knowing him. The dude is the truth. Bet on it!

Anthony Hamilton
Singer, Songwriter, Producer


Working with professional athletes and entertainers is a challenge. My firm constantly finds itself seeking out qualified and discreet professionals with whom we can form an alliance to meet our client’s needs. One are where these requirements are always met is when we refer our clients to Dr. Kenneth Redcross. His concierge medical services not only match up with the hectic schedules and various locations that come with dealing with our clients but his discretion and expertise are being compare!!

Charles ‘Tank’ Harris
President – Sports, Sports & Entertainment Financial Group


Dr. Kenneth Redcross has been a breath of fresh air during a time when smart, attentive health care is so urgently needed. We’re definitely blessed to have him caring for our family.

Inny Clemons
Actor, Producer, Secret Society Films


We appreciate Dr. Ken Redcross’ deep concern for our health and his proactive approach. It’s extremely comforting to have 100 percent confidence in your doctor.

Michael Moody, CEO; Jason Stricker, COO
Insight Education Group, Inc.


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