Seven Nutritious and Delicious Foods

Seven Nutritious and Delicious Foods

Too many people think that healthy food doesn’t taste good!

Last Friday I posted this (above) video of a sizzling plate of Seafood Toban Yaki. I captioned the post “I love eating seafood, it’s so delicious and nutritious! It’s amazing how important eating healthy food is for our bodies.”  I want to share my seven favorite foods that are nutritious and delicious.

1) Salmon

Without a doubt Salmon is one of my favorite foods. It’s full of nutrients, protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, and even a good amount of vitamin D.  

2) Avocados

Not only do avocados have a lot healthy fats and fiber but also they have potassium and vitamin C. Avocados are a great snack anytime of the day.

3) Eggs

While eggs are high in cholesterol, they don’t affect blood cholesterol and actually raise the high-density lipoprotein (HDL), which is the good cholesterol. A single large egg has less than a hundred calories, six grams of protein, and five grams of healthy fats. One of my favorite things about eggs is that there are countless ways to enjoy them!

4) Cucumbers

Cucumbers are mostly water and barely have any carbs and calories. Cucumbers do have some nutrients, including vitamin K. In my article, Winning Back To School – Part 2 – How to Snack Healthily, I wrote about the benefits of eating slower and we all eat cold and crispy snacks, like cucumbers, slower.

5) Kale

Kale is one of the most popular and most known “superfoods.” It’s full of numerous nutrients including vitamin K, vitamin C, and fiber. It’s another really versatile addition to any meal or snack.

6) Shrimp

I love absolutely love seafood and shrimp are one of my favorites. Shrimp are low in fat and high in protein. Shrimp also have selenium and vitamin B12.

7) Lemons

Adding lemons to water is a great way to not only add flavor, but also benefit your health. One lemon has a full daily amount of Vitamin C, which helps your body fight immune deficiencies.

These are just seven of my favorite healthy foods. What are yours?

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