Three Essentials to Stay Healthy This Halloween

Three Essentials to Stay Healthy This Halloween

Happy Halloween! Halloween is one of the more fun nights all across America, with families and kids walking around trick-or-treating. However, it is also a night that can lead to a lot of kids coming down with a cold, or worse, the flu. Below are three essentials to follow to make sure that you stay healthy this Halloween!

Wear Layers

Look, I get it, you want to show off your amazing costume. But at the same time, especially if you’re going to be walking around outside, make sure to stay warm. That’s why it’s so important to wear layers. If you’re dressing as a basketball player, wear sweatpants under your shorts and a long sleeve shirt under your jersey. You’re going to be outside for a good amount of time tonight, so make sure that you stay warm!

Carry A Bottle of Purell

I don’t know if you’re afraid of zombies or ghosts, but I do know that you should be afraid of germs. Carrying a small bottle of Purell Hand Sanitizer with you will allow you to kill off any bacteria easily. If you’re walking around and snacking on some candy, make sure to use Purell before and after eating. This is especially important if you’re trick-or-treating with young kids, as they tend to have weaker immune systems and are more susceptible to catching a cold.

Brush Your Teeth

At the end of the night, before you go to sleep, make sure you brush your teeth. Since you’re (hopefully) eating more sweets tonight than you usually do, make sure to brush a little better than normal. I would suggest that you brush for three or four minutes instead of the usual two minutes. Also, make sure to use floss and mouthwash for proper oral hygiene.

Have fun and stay safe out there tonight!

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