Three Reasons to Re-Evaluate Your Bond With Your Doctor

Three Reasons to Re-Evaluate Your Bond With Your Doctor

Time for your Annual Exam? According to Comprehensive Primary Care, almost all Americans, over 90%, agree and believe that it is important to get a yearly physical. However, only 62% actually go to the doctor every year.

I find this alarming! One’s health is not something to play with. I understand that we all live extremely busy lives, but everyone is able to spend one hour a year at the doctor. Having an annual physical exam is essential to monitoring our health.

So why do nearly four in ten Americans avoid the opportunity to protect their health?

1) Does going to the doctor feel like a chore?

Maybe you’ve been blessed with good health your whole life or maybe not; either way such a medical visit is essential. Why not get the most out of it? Having a strong relationship with your doctor will make going to the doctor an enjoyable experience.

2) Not feeling respected by your doctor?

Do you always have to sit in the waiting room too long? And then visit seems too short? You can’t explain to your loved ones how the visit went, because the doctor used medical words that did not make sense?  This shouldn’t be the case.

3) Don’t feel comfortable being open?

Your doctor is going to ask you very personal questions. They aren’t asking because they are going to gossip about you, that’s actually illegal, but they’re asking because all aspects of health are related to total health. Not only do you have to be able to honestly answer their questions, but also you must be able to ask questions of your own. Why are they prescribing a certain medicine? What is the homeopathic alternative?   

The patient-doctor bond is on faulty ground, and healthcare happiness is elusive. I know it doesn’t have to be this way. When patients and doctors establish essential qualities in their relationship, a strong patient-doctor bond is possible!

In my first book, Bond: The 4 Cornerstones of a Lasting and Caring Relationship with Your Doctor I share my experiences and advice on how to create a healthy, lasting and strong patient-doctor bond.

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