Three Takeaways from my Trip to Les Monastere Des Augustines

Three Takeaways from my Trip to Les Monastere Des Augustines

Two weeks ago I had the incredible opportunity to visit Les Monastere Des Augustines in Quebec, Canada. The three pillars that I really believe in are: nutrition, movement, and spirituality. This trip was really impactful in all three areas, but especially with spirituality. It was such an amazing experience and so thought-provoking and refreshing.

Birthplace of Modern Medicine in North America in 1639

In 1639 three nuns came from France to take care of the new settlers in Canada. It’s crazy to think that those nuns first established their hospital three hundred and eighty years ago! I bet that they had no clue how advanced medicine would become!

Technology And Science Has Greatly Improved

One of the coolest parts of the Monastery was all of the old and historic artifacts that they had on display. Look at this old apothecary!

Is this what your local pharmacy or vitamin supplement store looks like today?

So What Hasn’t Changed? The Importance of the Doctor-Patient Bond

In my many conversations with the Augustinian Sisters that run the Monastery today, it was clear that they really value the relationship between the medical professional and their patients. That is one of the most important elements that I focus on with my care as a doctor. Ultimately, I believe that the better the relationship between the doctor and patient, the better and higher quality of care the patient can receive as they will be able to get more individualized treatment.

To all my fellow medical professionals…

I remark how special this is for all of us to learn about because we all have this beautiful opportunity to deliver care to patients, fill our lives with love, and feed our families. It was honestly just so amazing and interesting to learn about how it all began. If you can, you should really go!

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