Winning Back To School – Part 3 – The Five Keys To Staying Healthy

Winning Back To School – Part 3 – The Five Keys To Staying Healthy

It’s crazy how quickly it went from feeling like summer to getting into the routine of a new school year. Two weeks ago I wrote part one of my Winning Back to School series, Three Tips to Have a Healthy Start to the School Year. I emphasized the importance of sleep, staying hydrated and eating healthy snacks. Last week I published the second part, How to Snack Healthily. In this article I shared four essential tips: eating slower, being mindful, packing a snack, and staying natural.

This week, for the third part of the series, I want to share some advice about how to stay healthy at school.

Wash Your Hands

Everyone knows the importance of washing their hands. However, all too often, people don’t actually do it. I understand that it’s easy to be in a rush and skip washing your hands, however, according to the CDC, regular hand washing is the best way to remove germs. One alternative to washing one’s hands, which is especially helpful for a student in school, is to attached a bottle of hand sanitizer to a backpack. Just seeing the bottle will lead to more frequent use.

Don’t Share

Schools are a breeding ground for colds, the flu, and many other forms of sickness. Some of the main reasons that’s the case include students being in close proximity to each other and frequently sharing food and drinks. While one cannot control the seating arrangements in a classroom, everyone can control sharing food and drinks with friends. The safest way to avoid catching any illness that is going around is to avoid sharing with classmates.

Exercise Regularly

It’s very easy to get wrapped up in the routine of going to school, coming home to do homework, relaxing, and then going to sleep. However, daily exercise is incredibly important. Just thirty to sixty minutes of exercise will help both your body and mind. Exercising is a fantastic way to clear your mind and truly live in the moment.  


I’ve already written about the importance of sleep in part one of this series – Three Tips to Have a Healthy Start to the School Year and now I want to emphasize that point. Sleep is the best way to allow your body to recover. Teenages need between eight to ten hours of sleep a night. Many times a lack of sleep is the root cause of catching a cold.

Talk To Your Doctor

Ultimately, the best way to stay healthy is to contact your doctor if you aren’t feeling well. Your doctor is there to be a resource and help you. I wrote my first book, Bond: The 4 Cornerstones of Lasting and Caring Relationship with your Doctor, about the importance of having a strong relationship with your doctor. You should always feel comfortable talking to your doctor, regardless of how small your symptoms might be.

How are you going to stay healthy this school year?

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