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Three Takeaways from my Trip to Les Monastere Des Augustines

Two weeks ago I had the incredible opportunity to visit Les Monastere Des Augustines in Quebec, Canada. The three pillars that I really believe in are: nutrition, movement, and spirituality. This trip was really impactful in all three areas, but especially with spirituality. It was such an amazing experience and ...
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One of the things that I always find important and is my whole goal is working on getting into a patient’s soul. By doing this allows me to really connect with their health. Not only their health but their feelings, and how we go about treatment together. This helps us create a bond. I feel as this is extremely important when it comes to one’s overall health.

When dealing with a patient’s health is it much more than what we see physically. It also has to do with the mind, relationships, jobs or our own personal centeredness, why we are here and what our purpose is and how that directly impacts our health. By creating a safe place, the doctor-patient bond is reinforced, opening up more opportunities for healing.

When I first discovered my passion for medicine and science, I wanted to be a veterinarian. I started to learn more about the remarkableness of the human body and I fell in love. I narrowed in on my life mission and how I can affect change in the lives of people. Part of that is sharing my philosophy, and part of that is sharing what our ancestors did that worked as far as nutrition, movement and spirituality.

After 20 years of practicing, these are the things that one learns along the way that helpsed me focus on my medical life purpose. Expanding out from an office has allowed me to reach others and their souls on a larger scale than what I would have been able to do in an office every day.

I spent my entire life training to be a physician and yet I felt as if something was missing. I felt empty inside. My spirituality and my life mission was not being met. It took time for me to realize how I could have that met: concierge medicine. Having that doctor-patient bond on steroids was beautiful. It allowed me to reach my patients’ soul, to really get into their feelings. Managing the entire life of the patient became much more fulfilling.

My mantra is to change lives. My charge is the patient bond and this is something that has always been important to me. Having a special connection with my patients completes me, makes me whole, and I find that I have a purpose in life. I am very fortunate to have a profession where not only do I feel complete in what I do but also that I am giving the opportunity to help others and make them feel complete as well. I am very passionate about creating a patient nirvana and happiness. My approach is very patient eccentric.

“There’s a new way in caring and Dr. Ken Redcross is it. From a natural, spiritual approach, right down to getting it done.”

– Anthony Hamilton
Singer, Songwriter, Producer


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